75% Surface Temp Reduction

Thermal management testing day at Donington Park on the Radical SR3 with a Simpson exhaust system. Using our top of the range thermal image camera we took multiple readings of the exhaust after each session throughout the day.

Our aim was to record the surface temperature reduction of the exhaust system after each session. This is to understand how our insulation is effecting the temperatures within the engine bay.

Benefits of the surface temperature of the exhaust system

  • Cooling engine bay temperatures
  • Reduced air in take temperatures
  • Greater comfort for the driver during long races
  • Higher engine efficiency
  • Protection to surrounding components, wires, rubber mounts etc
  • Able to work on the car sooner after a long session due to reduced heat

Looking at the results from our camera we achieve an average of 75% surface temp reduction across the entire exhaust system. To explain the readings

  • Bottom left – lowest temp reading in the picture
  • Bottom right – Highest temp reading in the picture
  • Top left – Reading at the centre point

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