Author: Stuart Thorp

Technical Partnership with BTCC Excelr8 Motorsport

For the 2022 BTCC season we very proud to announce that we are a technical partner of thermal management for Excelr8 Motorsport Team. We will be supplying all 4 cars with welded metcap insulation and removable heatshielding; Removable heatshield for the turbo housing Removable heatshield with air ducting for the manifold Metcap welded insulation for… Read more »

2JZ Engine

When using high spec engines which produce a tonne of power there is always back lash of lots of heat in the engine bay and also in the drivers seat. For this project we have supported our customer with a full metcap insulation solution for the manifold and wastegate. We also prepared insulation foil to… Read more »

Aston Martin DB6

For this project we were approached by our customer with the question of; “Can you help us with your magic insulation to stop our gearbox cooking…” The customers problem was that the exhaust pipes run really close to the gearbox (picture below). The car is also run in extreme temperatures, such as running in the… Read more »

Serial Production

Besides being able to cater for prototypes and small batch production we are also able to production high volume production volumes. With increased production capabilities/ more welding bays/ laser cut precision foil/ stamped matting, the possibilities to produce many parts per week is growing. We also benefit from having workshops within the UK and EU… Read more »

Integral Insulation Vs Titanium Wrapping

A common question we are faced with is, “why should I pay more for integral insulation, when I could wrap it myself for a lower cost…?” In the below picture we have a mk6 Ford Fiesta downpipe which came to us for integral insulation. As seen, it was covered in the titanium wrap… This car… Read more »

Suzuki SV650

Bespoke Integral insulation project to help engine efficiency and improve performance of a Suzkui SV650 for competitive racing. Using high quality insulation matting at 4mm thickness. The exhaust performance can be improved by keeping the heat internally of the exhaust pipe. Benefits of integral insulation regarding performance; Higher exhaust gas temperatures / better exhaust flow… Read more »