Integral Insulation Vs Titanium Wrapping

A common question we are faced with is, “why should I pay more for integral insulation, when I could wrap it myself for a lower cost…?”

In the below picture we have a mk6 Ford Fiesta downpipe which came to us for integral insulation. As seen, it was covered in the titanium wrap… This car has some modifications to it so it is our customers ‘pride and joy’. Meaning he is constantly tampering with the car, taking the parts off and back on again to make tweaks to the performance. As seen the titanium wrap is near enough completely destroyed and not providing much insulation.

There is now a risk at this areas of other components over heating and reducing their life cycle / reduced gas flow rate causing a loss in engine performance.

This is where the advantages of integral insulation start to shine through..

  • Product life cycle is much greater and will be fully functional for the life time of the pipe. Pay more once, instead of less but the wrap will need replacing over time.
  • Surface temperature of the pipe is reduced by up to 40% more using integral insulation than the wrap.
  • In harsh weather conditions the metal foil will not get damaged and hold the water.
  • Lower cost in maintenance for the life time of the product as the insulation areas will not disappear.

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